Shopping Lifestyle Companion Cashback App in Malaysia | MY Smart Shopper
Sept. 26, 2019, 4:59 a.m.

From all your purchases with our participating merchants, you will earn Cash Points and Reward Points! Register as a member now and start earning Cash Point and Reward Point.

Drop your groceries at the counter, swipe your card or pass your cash, ka-ching, you are off to go with your shopping bags! That is how you have been doing it every time you shop. But believe it or not, you must have heard about cashback at least once in your life so far. Well if you haven’t, you are on the right page. Congratulations!

What is Cashback and how the App works?

Cashback is a form of incentive offered to buyers of certain products whereby they receive a percentage of cash refund after making their purchase. In Malaysia, we are spoiled with numerous brands offering the cashback program such as ShopBack, Boost and more. These kind of cashback programs have attracted Malaysians to join the cashback community and earn cash every time they spend. 

MY Smart Shopper or MSS is also part of the cashback community. MSS offers something similar like these cashback programs but it is even better because MSS offers dual rewards, namely Cash Points and Reward Points. MSS members earn both Cash Points and Reward Points when they shop at the program’s offline and online participating merchants. 

Throughout the years, the number our participating merchants both offline and online have grown immensely. The number of outlets of these merchants increased tremendously, giving MSS members a wider selection to shop or even dine at various venues. Our offline merchants include Ayamas, Tutti Frutti, Caffé Bene and more. Sephora, Malaysia Airlines, Taobao, Zalora and Lazada are some of our online merchants. 

Cash Points can be exchanged for goods and services at participating merchant’s outlets. You can also use your accumulated Cash Points to can exchange for mobile prepaid reloads, pay utility bills, pay Astro bills, redeem game vouchers and more.

Reward Points on the other hand can be exchanged for gifts, vouchers and merchandises offered by MY Smart Shopper. The Reward Points catalogue can be found on the MSS mobile app. Exchange your Reward Points for shopping vouchers, gadgets, home appliances, health & beauty items and so much more!

Register at MY Smart Shopper now and enjoy attractive cashback rewards

With what MY Smart Shopper has to offer to its members, we are certain that you will have an amazing shopping experience. Find out more about MSS at and experience what you can do with MSS by downloading the MSS mobile app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Remember – Shop Smart. Big Rewards.