Affiliate Marketing Programs Company in Malaysia | MY Smart Shopper
Sept. 26, 2019, 4:04 a.m.

I Synergy International (M) Sdn Bhd primary business operations revolve around the offline and online affiliate marketing program in Malaysia known as Affiliate Junction (AJ) and its anchor retail affiliate program called MY Smart Shopper (MSS).

Affiliate Marketing is a marketing practice that employs a systematic approach for business to leverage and reward affiliates for each successful marketing effort in reaching out to the intended target audience, resulting in a desired business lead. Performance-based and cost effective are the key characteristics of affiliate marketing, where advertisers reward affiliates when the desired results are achieved.

Affiliate Junction is the region’s premier offline and online marketing platform that managed by I Synergy International (M) Sdn Bhd. The platform is designed to deliver performance-based affiliate marketing solutions to advertisers and to reward affiliates for their successful marketing initiatives in driving leads and or sales to advertisers.

How iSYNERGY’s Affiliate Marketing is different from others?

iSYNERGY provides affiliate marketing solutions to advertisers, merchants, retailers and consumers to enable them to leverage cost-effective and performance-based marketing channels and strategies. iSYNERGY anchor affiliate program, MY Smart Shopper (MSS), is designed to leverage Malaysian’s identification card in promoting local retail industry. Any registered cardholders or program members those referred by affiliates can enjoy retail privileges at any participating merchant outlet by using their MyKad. The referral ecosystem is where all parties merchants, affiliates and consumers, gain benefits from this program. This proprietary loyalty and reward program also covers the facilitation of tracking and monitoring as well as the pay-out of commission for participating merchants and affiliates.

Through AJ, merchants, retailers and advertisers are connected to the network’s affiliates, who can be incentivised for sales transactions or lead generation, depending on the predefined objective of respective affiliate programs. Affiliates then carry out the promotional activities through a range of online and offline solutions. MY Smart Shopper was the network’s first offline retail affiliate program offering rewards to registered My Kad holders at participating outlets while rewarding affiliates on their successes. Affiliates who introduce merchants into the platform also earn incentives for successful transactions made via AJ platform. Currently, affiliates in AJ have accessed to a variety of valuable resources such as structural training and support systems.

To date, Affiliate Junction has more than 30,000 of affiliates, over 2,000 advertisers and 3 million program users. Ultimately, Affiliate Junction aims to deliver optimal results for all stakeholders thorough the generation of a high performing affiliate marketing ecosystem.

As for entrepreneur perspective, Affiliate Junction is an entrepreneurial platform that isdesigned to be a stepping stone for all affiliates to become a successful entrepreneur in this affiliate marketing industry. With various support tools and education system are in placed to ensure that all affiliates are well-developed into becoming a high-performing affiliate entrepreneur.

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